“A big thank you to you and all the band for a simply marvellous evening on Saturday. Great to see so many people and even greater, so many people on the floor! The soloist was wonderful, just like being in Greece again.  See you next time. All the best.” - Wendy.
“Just to say what a great night - what a transformation the bland civic hall underwent!  Thank you - thank all the band - Pam - Ami - and your lighting guy!’ - Anna.
“Many thanks for Sunday night. Susan and I received lots of complimentary messages concerning your music.” - Colin.
“Hi, I chatted to you last night and I'm still very enthused by your wonderful performance last night.” - Philip.
“We really enjoyed the last dance at Sandford...” - Bruce.
"Our daughter's bat mitzvah celebration simply wouldn't have been the same without
the wonderful Kevara!  They got young and old dancing together and we couldn't
recommend them more highly. Thanks so much Joel!" - Alicia.
“GREAT night! CONGRATS Tim and everybody…..good to dance with such a happy crowd and even better to hear Ami sing again! Another gig soon I hope!?”  - Jacqui .
“Thank you so much for your part in helping to make such a wonderful evening. Rufus said he had “the best day of his life” (his bar mitzvah). The music was superb and fitted so well. I think everyone at some point was dancing. It was great to see all the children joining in and having such fun. We shall definitely be recommending you all.”  - Morag and Dan.
“Thanks Joel, it was a wonderful day and your music in the synagogue was excellent.”  - Lucy and Ben.
“Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Fantastic music and of course superb singing by Ami Jo Lee.” - Kay.
“Congratulations on a great evening last night. The place was buzzing from 8 and absolutely heaving. In my opinion the best klezmer ceilidh to date. My friends all enjoyed it too.” - Brana.
“Absolutely brilliant evening...look forward to another sometime soon!.....” - Karen.
“As predicted, I smiled all night long. Thanks for a fab night” - Justine.
“Thank you for making the party so wonderful. The kudos for Kevara are still coming in! We all enjoyed your music so much. Please thank everyone for me. All the best” -  Liz.
“Lovely music last night. Thanks musicians. : }” - Julia.
“Fantastic night, community and music, perfect! Thank you.” - Yarrow.